Kutsume sind osalema Omroni veebiseminaril "Targad andurid ja andurite valik".

Veebiseminar toimub 27. ja 28. mail ning mõlemal päeval on kaks koolitussessiooni:

hommikune sessioon algusega 10.00 ja päevane algusega 14.00.

Veebiseminarid toimuvad inglise keeles.

27.05 Sensor technologies: practical advise for choosing the right sensor for a stable application

Get tips and tricks to detection principles and how to choose the appropriate sensor technology for your task at hand. The webinar will combine theory with actual demonstrations making it easy to understand how you detect transparent surfaces, disturbing backgrounds and more. You will also be guided through the usage of fiber-optic sensors for more demanding applications.

The webinar is targeted technical staff working with Machine sensors regularly.

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28.05 How to Improve Machine Availability with Smarter Sensors?

Learn which new sensor technologies are available to help you to increase your machines availability (OEE) to higher level. Discover how simple it is to start digitizing any machine you have and start receiving OEE graphs/data within less than one hour.

The webinar is targeted Managers looking into ways of optimising factory productivity.

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