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We started selling electrical goods from a car trailer in 1993. Today, we are one of the largest providers of electrical goods and energy solutions in Estonia.

It has been a long journey which we have continued at a steady pace, without needless hurry, because we believe that success comes through rational decisions, and only those relationships that are built on trust will last.

We have changed with the world, matured as a team, grown with our customers, and we have always had a lot of enthusiasm for our work. We knew after our first sale: we need to keep our promises, our solutions must stand the test of time, and we must work with and for the Estonian people.

If you would like to enjoy Viru’s good energy, come to work for us!



Work relationships in the Viru team are characterised by freedom, trust, and support. We cannot do it any other way because professionals value the ability to make choices to find solutions to work-related problems and achieve results.

However, when we face bigger challenges, we come together and stand as one because we know that a team is more than the sum of its members. Teamwork creates energy that helps each individual contribute more. This is the only way to tackle the difficult tasks that our customers and sector test us with.

We are unbeatable at finding solutions.


We work in the field of energy, but the most important thing we offer our customers is trust. We help our clients see a functional unit that solves a problem behind the various devices and pieces of software. We can provide solutions only through trust in our knowledge and experienced specialists.

Today, the industrial automation, IoT, digitalisation, smart solutions, etc. are the main trends in the energy sector. At the centre of all those trends, you find economical solutions which provide sustainability; we value management of resources that is ecologically sustainable and saves the energy.

Viru Elektrikaubandus constantly analyses the environmental impacts related to its operations and optimises energy costs related to its daily work. The only type of energy we do not save on is a positive energy. This is the foundation of our day-to-day work and long-time partnerships.



If the energy sector, engineering, and sales are your ways of finding fulfilment, then come and join our team! If any of those keywords seems a bit distant today, still consider us. We are a company where about 90% of the sales staff has an engineering education; however, the desire to learn is as important to us as an education.

We are always willing to invest in your development because we know - it pays off.

At Viru, we have often seen people start at a position at the warehouse and work their way up to the position of a product engineer. If you have the will, accuracy, and character, then rest assured – we can always help with your knowledge. Many who have joined our team usually stay with us. However, they have not remained the same as they came; they have grown and inspired the rest of us to grow.



The roots of Viru are deep in the Estonian soil; we are working together for the benefit of Estonia. Our efforts are aimed at helping the Estonian industrial, manufacturing, and construction sectors to keep up with innovation and be competitive and sustainable. We contribute towards keeping Estonian homes warm, lit, and smart and to having public spaces with smart and efficient energy solutions.

We do not rush with every trend or taking unreasonable risks, but we are still looking to the future. For this reason, we are ready for the changes; moreover, sometimes we are at the forefront of them.

Our prudent approach has made us a reliable partner and employer because we can offer security to our customers and to our employees. We will not do your job for you because each of us already has plenty of tasks, but we will support and help you if necessary. We want you to feel safe and valued in our company.




Viru Elektrikaubandus is an excellent starting point for a young engineer studying at a university or a vocational specialist in a vocational school to start an engineering career. Why?

You have worked hard at school, and we have created every opportunity for you to implement your skills and creativity in the real world. The sector where you can use your knowledge is huge. Viru Elektrikaubandus sells electrical goods and develops solutions for its customers in the fields of industry, manufacturing, construction, and energy distribution systems. We also work closely with occupational health and safety specialists, environmental specialists, architects, and designers.

Our field offers plenty of opportunities to overcome various challenges and to test yourself so you could find the position and tasks that you excel at.

What are we looking for in a colleague?

We are looking for team players but we also expect you to be capable of making independent decisions, explain and pass them on to others. You should balance the ability to learn, technical insight, and accuracy with resourcefulness and courage.

You do not have to be afraid to bear all of the responsibility alone; we will throw you in the proverbial deep end, but will also help you to swim. Our work processes are led with a firm hand and mentorship helps you to adjust to the daily life at our company quickly. Your work as a sales assistant is supervised by a customer management specialist and a product specialist. This will help you to learn quickly about our product groups, suppliers, customers and sales activities.

As your experience grows, we will offer career advancement opportunities. As we contribute a lot towards the development of our staff, and we trust and value those who have grown with us; therefore, we try to find an employee for our vacancies or new positions first in our ranks. Ambition and achievement go hand in hand, and the personal growth of our individual team members deserves attention and recognition.

Respect and kindness create the team spirit at Viru Elektrikaubandus.

We want you to feel safe and valued at our company. Safety does not only mean a secure job, a functional work process, or a competitive salary and performance pay – it means support in each step of your career. Come and test yourself at the leading provider of electrical goods and energy solutions in Estonia!

From a Delivery Driver to the Head of Tallinn Sales Department

20 years at Viru Elektrikaubandus

How did I come to work at Viru? I first came to Viru through an invitation from my childhood friend who worked in the Sales Department at Viru. The Tallinn department was almost ready to open and they needed a driver to deliver goods to the customers. This was in 2001, I had been working here for almost 20 years. To be honest, I really wanted a good and stable job back then; soon, it was clear that this is what I had found. I had never seen such smooth and clear work processes as in Viru.

What kind of a career path have I had?
When I started working in 2001, I could not even dream of who or where I will be in 2020. At that time, I was not even planning to climb up the ‘career ladder’. And I am still not planning to do that. Life has a way of choosing for us; you just have to accept the opportunities given and, in a way, stay open to new challenges. In 2008, I felt that I had enough of driving and in the same year I was invited to join the sales team. It was the right time to change my path. And in 2011, I had an idea to become the Head of the Tallinn Sales Department. Once again, I had no reason to decline this idea, so I continued in sales and management. Everything is great and I must say that the company has supported me through these times.

What do I like and what motivates me?
With such a long experience in the same company, I think it is obvious that I must like something about it. I cannot even point out to anything specifically. However, I certainly need to mention a nice team. In some ways, we are the ‘mammoths’ because the number of staff who have been with the company for 10 or 15 years is growing. Naturally, I like the job itself – there are no routine days; each day brings something new.

I like the most teamwork at Viru because we always keep pace. The goals that we are achieving or working towards are not someone’s personal effort, but a shared team effort. Work operations are quite clear, and if there are sometimes any disagreements in the team, we have so far managed to find positive solutions. In conclusion, I can say that Viru is a great partner for its employees and customers!


If you want to fulfil your potential at the highest professional level in the world of electrical goods and sales, then consider joining our team. And then, contact us!

Viru Elektrikaubandus can offer a dream combination of sales and products, communication with customers and suppliers, opportunities for professional training and keep up to date with the latest industrial technologies and solutions. However, dream jobs are done not by dreamers but people of action. In the electrical goods sector, everyone knows what tension is – it is something you must be able to handle. You know how to be responsible and decisive, resourceful and solution-oriented, as well as punctual and meticulous.

We will offer you the best team of top specialists for great achievements. Our team has a lot of experience in finding innovative solutions and creating an energy-efficient living environment for Estonian people.

We expect you to work hard in exchange for recognition and career opportunities. In addition to a competitive salary and performance pay, we will value your contribution and show our appreciation. The measure of our success is developing as a company; however, the role of each employee is still significant and worthy of credit. If you want to take a step up in your career, then you should know that we look among our own staff first..

The cornerstone of the team spirit of Viru Elektrikaubandus is caring about each other. We want you to feel the support of the company at every career move and each day when working at the front lines of sales.

Did you find sufficient reasons to join us? If so, please contact us! If not, then contact us to ask further questions that were not already answered.

From a Project Manager to the Product Group Manager for Industrial Electronics

10 years at Viru Elektrikaubandus

How did I come to work at Viru?
I was looking for a job related to my education and I applied to Viru Elektrikaubandus through CV Keskus. I was immediately invited to a job interview and hired as a project manager. I did not have great expectations when I came to work here and thought this was a regular company with a routine work; however, the reality took me by surprise. First of all, I had to learn a lot and gained more knowledge in six months than in the previous five years. The work itself was much more interesting than I had imagined.

What kind of a career path have I had?
I started as a Project Manager, and 2 years later, I became a Product Manager for Industrial Electronics. 4 years later, I was made the Product Group Manager of Industrial Electronics; the team consisted of me and two other Product Managers.

What do I like about my job?
Above all, I like the freedom to organise my work. Naturally, this freedom is linked to the responsibility to make things work, but we have reasonable freedom of choice in terms of work organisation. Working with customers and suppliers is also interesting and full of challenges and motivated by the opportunities for personal growth. What can I say – my profession is fascinating.

I value the way the Viru team conducts itself.
You can feel the support of your team and you are happy to offer your help to everyone else. To put it shortly, we have friendly people who are professionals in their field!


‘I have to do something,’ and ‘You must start somewhere.’ These sentiments are often expressed about job offers without many obligations, opportunities, and many responsibilities.

The position of a warehouse worker at Viru Elektrikaubandus is different. We like to say that when you start, do it at the right place; when you take any job, it should offer future opportunities.

At Viru, we have seen many cases of people who join the warehouse staff and then discover a deeper interest in sales and products so they advance through hard work to sales engineers. From there, they become product engineers. In this sense, we can safely state that our warehouse is a great starting point for both the products and your career.

Changing jobs is not obligatory. We value professional warehouse workers who are precise and meticulous in their tasks, who are always reliable, and who have saved the day for many customers. Fast shipping and delivery of goods means a lot to our customers.

We see human beings behind the workers and know how to show our appreciation. That is why we offer great working conditions, a secure work schedule, excellent technical equipment, and training if necessary. And of course, we provide a respectable salary and various compensation packages. In addition, you will join an excellent team that values time spent together and joint activities outside of work.

The best job of your life is waiting for you!
Contact us today!

From a Warehouse Worker to a Sales Engineer

9 years at Viru Elektrikaubandus

How did I come to work at Viru?
Before Viru Elektrikaubandus, I worked at Leibur, but the job was extremely stressful and the work schedule inconvenient. At that time, my dad worked at a company that was a customer of Viru and suggested I send my CV to Viru. I remember when I came to a job interview and stepped into the Viru office, then I felt almost immediately that I want to work here – I liked everything about it. I also had a positive attitude because my dad had said many good things about Viru. The atmosphere at the job interview was very friendly and courteous. I was still young and had almost no experience working at a warehouse. At the interview, I simply tried to explain that I had the ability and the desire, that I could cope with the job, and that I wanted to grow. Later, I could see in practice that I was right – the warehouse manager and my co-workers were very satisfied with me.

My career at Viru.
I worked at the warehouse for the first 5 years. I basically created my own work routine and rules, or the manner of doing things so that all tasks would be completed. Actually, the workload is enormous but if you can understand the ‘What?’ and ‘How?’ of it, then you can manage anything. After 5 years, I could feel that it is time to take the next step. I talked to Alar, the Head of the Tallinn Department, about thinking of something new together. This is how I ended up at the Electrical Department. At that time, I hardly knew anything about the electrical department, so my first task was learning. I trained myself in various different ways, but mostly through my work.

What motivates me?
Our staff motivates me the most because everyone can always help, think along, and sometimes suggest a better solution. Secondly, our salary system motivates hard work because hard work is remunerated. Naturally, I am motivated by specific individuals and their personal example. Like Alar, who also started from the warehouse and today he is the Head of the Tallinn Department. If you see every day how someone works hard, achieves a lot, and supports his colleagues, then it is motivating. And, of course, the work itself is interesting and the working conditions are excellent.

I appreciate the most that we still feel like we have a common goal and share the same roof even though we have 4 departments in Estonia employing about 40 people. Whenever I call someone from a different department, they always respond and help. This is cooperation to the maximum degree!