All of our customers are always welcome to shop at our stores, call, ask questions and otherwise contact us. Our job is to help you. For partners who do regular business with us, we offer a loyalty programme. Under the loyalty programme agreement, we take many obligations and it opens new opportunities for the customer – special prices based on their profile and purchases are one example.

The customer agreement is one precondition for being granted a line of credit. We provide lines of credit to our most trustworthy customers to simplify making everyday purchases and to support them in their everyday activity.

Advantages of our loyalty programme:

  • You’ll get: personal advice
  • Fast service
  • Discounts based on your profile and purchases
  • A personal interface for online orders and visiting your purchase history

The General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to the conclusion of the Customer Agreement, so please read the terms and conditions before submitting the Client Agreement application. The General Sales Conditions apply to all sales transactions of Viru Elektrikaubandus AS.