Core values

Reliability and trust

  • Client’s trust in a stable and developing partner with long traditions.
  • The supplier’s and service provider’s trust in an honest and precise partner that follows business ethics.
  • The employee’s trust in their employer.
  • The owners’ trust in the company’s management and employees.


  • Staff with necessary professional education.
  • Staff that have undergone process and product training.
  • Team effort.

Employees that know their place, value and responsibility in a well-functioning system.

  • A friendly staff that are oriented to teamwork.
  • A confidence and satisfied staff that are motivated to achieve objectives.
  • Employees who are involved in making fundamental decisions.
  • Service quality.

Honesty and respect for the client.

  • Precision and fulfilling agreements.
  • Fast problem-solving.
  • Developing organisation with stable growth.

Good social climate that promotes learning from experience and experimenting.

  • System structure that supports employee self-development opportunities.
  • Employer value for employee initiative and creativity.
  • Constant improvement of the management system’s effectiveness.
  • Environmental protection

We develop our environmental system constantly, invest in future generations.

  • The management’s responsibility is to ensure that enough attention is paid to environmental aspects.
  • We comply with the sustainable environmental improvement principles and environmental laws and other requirements, regularly assessing the environmental consequences of its work, preventing and reducing the primary negative effects on the environment.
  • In order to develop an environmental management system, we exchange reliable information and cooperate with the legislature and other stakeholders.
  • We optimise and develop the use of resources that are related to everyday work.
  • We develop and train our employees to feel and act responsibly as to the environment not only when proceeding from internal needs, but also for sharing information to partners and other stakeholders.
  • Upon paying attention to environmental values, we try to motivate our staff to follow these in their everyday work.
  • Constant improvement of the environmental management system and preventing pollution.