The Principles of Using Cookies


The Principles of Using Cookies were prepared in accordance with REGULATION (EU) NO 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL and regulate the use of cookies by Viru Elektrikaubandus.


A cookie is a text file that we store in the web browser of your device (e.g. a computer, a mobile phone, or a tablet) only when you visit the website of Viru Elektrikaubandus. The sole purpose of using cookies is to make the Viru Elektrikaubandus website work smoothly and efficiently.


The cookies help:

  • make the website work according to your expectations;
  • improve the speed and security of the Viru Elektrikaubandus website;
  • share the Viru Elektrikaubandus website through your social media (Facebook) more conveniently;
  • customise the offers and marketing messages of Viru Elektrikaubandus to fit your needs.
  • muuta Viru Elektrikaubaduse pakkumisi ja turundusteateid sinu vajadustele sobivamaks


We use several types of cookies which differ in terms of purpose and storage time. We may change the purpose of using cookies to improve our services; generally, we use two types of cookies.

Session cookies are only stored temporarily, i.e. for the duration of visiting our website. These enable conducting transactions and will be deleted at the moment of logging off the website or closing the web browser.

Persistent cookies are stored in your computer for a limited period of time. We use persistent cookies to monitor movement on our website and gather statistical data. We use this information to improve our website and display marketing offers, even on other websites.

Types of cookies

The cookies used on the website of Viru Elektrikaubandus are classified as follows:

Cookies that are strictly necessary

Allows you to use the functions of the website and save information entered into forms even if the user moves to other pages of the website of Viru Elektrikaubandus during a session. Secure website services are not possible without the strictly necessary cookies. The strictly necessary cookies do not gather information for marketing purposes or save information about the types of pages the user visits online.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies gather information about the use of the website and help to improve the functioning of the website. Performance cookies indicate which pages were visited the most, any problems while visiting the website, and monitor the functioning of advertisements on the website. Performance cookies do not gather personal data; all collected information is anonymous.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies remember your choices and offer improved and customised features. These cookies remember the changes you have made but do not retain your activity on other websites.

Targeting cookies

Targeting or advertising cookies are used to display advertisements that are relevant to your interests and to limit the number of times your advertisement is displayed. These cookies are used to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and to remember specific information that user had viewed on the website.

Third-party functions

ookies are used on our websites to provide a better user experience. Our cookies could be created by different service providers who help us promote our web services. Examples of such providers are Google and Facebook.

The users of our website are considered to have accepted the cookies if cookies are enabled in their browser settings. You can always decide whether to enable cookies in your browser or not. If you do not want cookies, you can set your web browser to automatically disable cookies or notify you every time a website asks for permission to save cookies. Please use the Help function of the web browser to change the settings.

The Cookie Policy of Facebook is available here:

The Cookie Policy of Google is available here:


The strictly necessary cookies are always accompanying the use of our website. If the user refuses to accept these cookies, it will be impossible to predict how well the website will function.

Please check the use of functional and targeting cookies in the settings of your web browser:

By deleting or disabling cookies, you may lose access to some of the functions and pages of the Viru Elektrikaubandus website. Changing cookie settings affects all visited websites.

If you use a third-party opt-out link when disabling cookies, it may not delete the cookie from your browser but instead will block any further use of the cookies. If you want to delete the cookies, you must do it personally in your web browser.

Attention! We announce any changes to cookies through the terms and conditions contained in the ‘Principles of using cookies on the website of Viru Elektrikaubandus’; please check this page regularly for updates.